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I'm Ricky Dee, a music producer & creator from London, UK.

I have a burning passion for creating music and bringing the best out of artists with my work and services.

I began my music journey from a young age of 11, learning the acoustic guitar at my secondary school. I loved the process of learning and later bought an electric guitar; however a few years later I fell off due to partying and engaging in anti-social activities.

Fast forward to 19 years old, I began an apprenticeship in IT & Computing at which I progressed quickly; however I was not fulfilled and wondered what was missing.

In winter of 2019, I felt like I was stuck in my life and wanted to re-ignite my passion for creating music. As I had sold all of my musical instruments, I searched the Internet for a digital solution and stumbled across FL Studio.

I began to experiment with creating beats & instrumentals, combining my love for music with my technical IT skills, and the rest is history.



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My Sound, My Beats & My Mission

I have listened to and taken interest in almost every music genre over the years. My main sources of inspiration are taken from Hip Hop, 60/70s soul, 80s Pop & RnB, reggaeton/dancehall & classic rock.

Even though I have a broad musical palette, I have managed to refine and condense my style down into a curated catalogue of rap, trap & urban beats & instrumentals.


My services do not stop at creating beats. As I truly love creating music, I am always interested in my clients music releases and their growth, and the fact that I have contributed to their journey is truly fulfilling for me.

"I am for the artist"

and I aim to help all musicians keep pushing forwards on their musical path.


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